Aditi Mahadware

I am a 21-year-old freelance content and creative writer in Gurgaon, India, with novice experience aided by courses. Art is expressive, it speaks volumes; a writer's words are like a silk thread weaved in intricate embroidery on an otherwise bland fabric. They observe the details that are hard to catch, they create creations that make ripples on the ocean, and they make sure that they are heard. I aim to create a dent in the universe through my words and take-up projects that push boundaries, to touch new pinnacles.

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The tragedy of Sandy-Hook

The cops did not leave the Sandy Hook elementary school before a long investigation, but when they did, the van that was waiting in the driveway of the school was then allowed to enter the school. The workers set to work as soon as they unloaded the buckets of paints, brushes and mops from the van. They quietly made their way through the grim corridor. Innocent blood was smeared on the classroom wall where the children’s poems and drawings were pinned. A worker’s face turned white when he saw a small, red handprint on a windowpane. He set to mop it with a horrified look on his face. (read more)